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  • Get an authentic Online Medical Certificate from $13.90 or Statutory Declaration (for backdated leave) from an AHPRA-registered medical specialist right from the comfort of your couch! Delivered within minutes by SMS, email, and downloadable from your web portal!
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  • No appointments or consultation necessary - Your identification, past medical history and current symptoms are communicated securely to your specialist who will contact you if further information is required
  • Request an Online Medical Certificate for either work, education or for carers leave.
  • One-off payment - No ongoing subscription fees.
  • Issued from Australian Registered Medical Specialists (other sites may use pharmacists or junior doctors-in-training while charging you more!)
  • Get a certificate for both single-day and multi-day (up to 3 days) absences
  • We take the security of your personal information seriously. Your data is secured with robust industry leading secure servers with multiple layers of encryption, web-application firewalls (WAF), 24x7 security monitoring, and achieves third-party validation against thousands of separate data security compliance requirements
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Step 1. Complete Medical Questionnaire

Register and complete a quick 3-min online questionnaire. You can use your phone! Pay securely using our online secure payment partner portal. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and ApplePay.

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Step 2. Information reviewed by Doctor

Your information will be reviewed by an Australian registered specialist doctor. If further information is needed, the doctor will contact you back. Generally this takes less than an hour.

Step 3.

The completed certificate and receipt will be sent directly to your email (see a sample).

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